Why Have Your Water Tested?

Whether you’re on city water or a private well, your water most likely contains various contaminants that are harmful to your home and/or health. The first step to getting the perfect, clean water for your home begins with first testing your water to find out what’s in it. So, what’s in your water anyway?


If your home is on city water, it has almost certainly been treated with chlorine. Chlorine is a very powerful disinfectant which explains its widespread use for municipal water treatment. However, once the treated water reaches your home, the chlorine is no longer needed and is better off removed.

High enough levels of chlorine will produce a bleachy smell and taste in your home’s water, but more importantly, it can cause a range of problems for your health. Chlorine dries out your hair and skin, and the vapor from a hot shower will cause irritation to your eyes. Even worse, chlorine byproducts, namely Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Haloacetic acids (HAAs), have been linked to kidney failure, brain damage, cancer and birth defects.

Calcium & Magnesium

If you’ve ever heard of the terms “hard” or “soft” water, this refers to the levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. These minerals make their way from the ground into the water supply and into your home. Though not a danger to your health, these minerals can be a nuisance to you, your home, and your wallet.

Hard water dries out your skin and hair, leaving your skin irritated and hair looking lifeless and dull. It also leaves behind chalky limescale on surfaces, faucets, and on the insides of pipes, causing damage and a dirty appearance. Over time, your pipes can become blocked and your water-using appliances (washing machines, water heaters, etc.) can begin to break down or run less efficiently as a result of the buildup.

Hard water leaves your dishes with white-spotted stains instead of looking clean and fresh. It also fades and discolors your clothes in the wash and increases the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning.

Other Contaminants

Other contaminants may include iron, manganese, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide, sediment, bacteria, viruses, high levels of acidity and more. Each of these cause a unique set of challenges including staining, damage to pipes & appliances, terrible odors & taste, and negative health effects.

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