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Softer skin, longer-lasting appliances, and cleaner dishes are just some of the benefits of switching to soft water!

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Hard vs. Soft Water

Approximately 85-90% of homes across the US are exclusively using hard water. Though hard water is mostly harmless to your health, it is certainly harmful to your home. Over time, hard water residue accumulates on water-using appliances, pipes, and surfaces. This white-gray buildup of calcium and magnesium clogs your pipes and reduces the efficiency of your appliances. Over time, this can cause permanent damage requiring costly replacements and repairs.

Water softening refers to the process of removing hard water minerals, namely calcium and magnesium, through a process called Ion exchange. During this process, these hard water minerals are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions. As a result, these minerals are removed from the water flowing through your home.

The Benefits of Switching to Soft Water Include:

• Cleaner laundry and less detergent required to get the same level of cleanliness
• Longer-lasting and more efficiently operating appliances such as boilers, water heaters & dishwashers
• Reduced water heating bills
• Cleaner sinks, tubs and showers
• Elimination of scale buildup in pipes and plumbing fixtures
• Elimination of soap scum buildup on bathroom surfaces
• No more spotted glassware from cleaning with hard water
• Reduced soap residue on hair and skin
• Brighter and softer clothing

Water Softener

Clearion Water Technologies

You can enjoy the benefits of soft water with a Clearion water softening system. We are a proud dealer of Clearion's water systems and solutions and offer a variety of their incredible products. All their systems and devices are built in the USA, and their advanced technology and tremendous quality are backed by their robust, in-house research and development team. We may also recommend whole house filtration systems that filter out other contaminants such as chlorine, sulfur gas, iron, manganese and more.

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