Common Problems

Have yourself a cleaner, healthier home by solving these common water problems

Hard Water

Hard Water

Water hardness is defined by the levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium present in your water. These minerals leave behind white/gray buildup anywhere water dries – around faucets, fixtures, showerheads, and tile. The unsightly buildup becomes a continual cleaning issue, leaving spots on dishes and wearing down clothing fabric at an increased rate.

Hard water is also very damaging to appliances. Water heaters and dishwashers work less efficiently, and their lifespans are shortened. In addition, the buildup of these minerals, tend to constrict and block the flow of water through your pipes over time.

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City/municipal water is treated with chlorine as it is a cheap and effective way to disinfect it. However, once the water reaches your home, the chlorine is no longer needed, and the remaining byproducts of the chemical are better off removed as they can cause numerous side effects.

Although chlorine can be absorbed from water through the skin, as a gas it is even more harmful. When you shower with hot water, you inhale the water vapor which contains chlorine and byproducts such as trihalomethanes. In addition to causing irritation to your skin and eyes, these chemicals have been linked to cancer in certain studies.

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Iron Stains


Yellow, reddish-brown stains appear in your toilets, showers, and sinks. But iron & manganese are damaging to your clothes as well -- whites washed in the water will yellow over time, making it hard to keep them clean. Additionally, accumulation of these minerals inside of pipes reduces diameter size, causing water flow to be constricted.

Although not harmful and even beneficial in small quantities, elevated levels of manganese can cause detrimental effects to the human nervous system. In the most severe cases, early brain development can be impaired as young children are unable to process manganese as well as adults.

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Also known as sulfur gas, hydrogen sulfide is a terrible nuisance because you don’t feel any cleaner after showering, as it gives your water an unpleasant rotten egg odor and taste.

Though it is not a health risk in most cases and is primarily just a nuisance, this gas is technically flammable and poisonous. At elevated levels of concentration hydrogen sulfide has been known to cause nausea, illness and even be fatal. Hydrogen Sulfide tends to be a problem more common for homeowners on well water.

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Rotten Egg Odor

Acidic Water


Water with a pH of 6.5 or less is considered to be acidic. Blue-green stains show up wherever water is present, such as sides of commodes, bottoms of sink drains, and inside copper pipes. Due to its corrosive effects on metallic items, you’ll find that acidic water has a sour and metallic taste.

Because of the corrosion to copper pipes specifically, higher levels of acid will result in an over-consumption of iron when you drink water. High levels of iron consumption have been found to cause liver and kidney damage among other health complications.

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Another problem with acidic water is that it can result in pinhole leaks. A pinhole leak occurs at the spot where a pipe is very thin. It sprays out in a mist either into drywall or on the ground of an unfinished basement. Since correction and prevention is key, we adjust pH levels to remedy the situation.

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Pinhole Leaks



Little specks or grit clog faucet heads and restrict flow through fixtures. When drawing a bath, you can sometimes see small amounts of sediment in the form of tiny grey or black specks. In addition, they clog screens on washing machines, lengthening cycle times.

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