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We offer and install water softeners, whole home filtration systems and drinking water systems of various kinds. Regardless of your water needs, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the perfect-fit solution for your home and your family.

Hard Water Buildup


This unsightly accumulation of white-gray buildup is more than just an eyesore — It is difficult to clean and can cause permanent damage to appliances and fixtures. Some additional problems include:

  • Reduced water flow / blockage
  • Less effective water heater
  • Hard to clean white spots on dishes

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Iron Stains


Similar to hard water buildup, iron stains can be difficult to remove. Iron also:

  • Gives your water a metallic taste
  • Produces a harsh flavor and appearance in beverages such as coffee or tea
  • Fades and wears out your clothes in the wash

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Dirty Water


Every locality tends to have its own combination and level of contaminants that can cause your tap water to taste poorly or have an unpleasant smell. If you have a private well, these can symptoms of an even bigger problem that should be examined by a professional immediately.

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Dry Skin


If your skin is dry or your hair feels lifeless after a shower, this is likely because of the hard water minerals running through your home's water. These minerals can cause your hair:

  • To thin and break
  • Be difficult to lather and fully rinse
  • Too lose it's color faster
  • Feel dull or flimsy

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Chlorine, Iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, bacteria, viruses, high levels of acidity, and many other contaminants can be found to various degrees in your home’s water. Each of these uninvited guests running through your pipes provides their own challenges, from unsightly stains to unpleasant odors and taste — even negative health effects in some cases. Fortunately, the water in your family’s home can be custom treated for your unique situation.

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What is in my water

Where we come in


Ridding your water of these problems can be simple, but it does require some expertise — here’s where we can help. Once we’ve had a chance to hear about the problems you’re experiencing with your water, in a short visit, we can test your water with a free in-home analysis to determine the various levels of contaminants present. Armed with this information, we will create a custom-fit solution, tailored to your unique needs to give you the water you and your family deserve. Whether you're in need of a softener, filtration system, or both, we'll take care of all the installation and maintenance. 

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Complete Water Management System

Set It Up

DROP™ complete water management system allows you to monitor and manage your home’s water from virtually anywhere. Once installed, the system can detect leaks, and monitor water usage and pressure / temperature.

Detect Leaks and More

When a problem is detected, e.g., there is a leak, or your water is left running while you are away from the house, DROP™ can detect the issue and shutoff the water to your home. It can also notify you when your softener needs additional salt or your cartridge filter needs a filter replacement.

Mobile On-the-Go

The system interfaces with a free mobile app that allows you to manage and control your water remotely from anywhere with your mobile device. If you'd like, you can let us monitor your water for you so that we are automatically notified of a problem or when maintenance is needed.

Save Money

DROP™ can protect against water damage and help lower your water bill by preventing excess running water in your home. Also, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance to those installing DROP™ in their home, so check with your agent!

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quote markHarvie Water Solutions saved the day! I had a faulty water softener that burst after 15 years...I called Harvie Water Solutions and Roy was at my house within four hours. He recommended a new, compact unit that took up much less space than the previous softener, and he suggested adding a whole house filter to purify all the water in the house, which was great! I'm very health conscious, so I really liked the idea that there would be virtually no chlorine in any of the water in my house. I can't recommend this company enough.

- Miriam, Fairfax

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