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Clean, Filtered Water for Your Entire Home

Whole house water filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants from your home’s water that cause terrible odors, tastes, and make your water dirty or harmful. These systems are set up to filter your water from the point of entry to your home so you can be sure that the water running through your showers, faucets, washing machines, dishwashers and more is clean, refreshing and delicious.

A whole house water filtration system can remove contaminants from your water, such as:

• Chlorine — a common contaminant used to treat city water. Once the water reaches your home, however, it is no longer needed and better off removed. Chlorine gives water an unpleasant odor/taste, and the vapor given off by chlorinated water in a hot shower, causes irritation/dryness of the eyes and inhaling this gas is bad for your health.

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• Iron & Manganese — cause yellow, reddish-brown stains to appear in your toilets, showers, and sinks. Additionally, they cause damage to pipes, fade and wear out your clothes in the wash, and give your water an unnatural, metallic flavor.
• Sulfur Gas — commonly found in well water, sulfur gas (or hydrogen sulfide) gives your water a putrid, rotten egg odor.
• Acidic Water — If the pH is low and therefore your water is acidic, the right system can rebalance the pH and neutralize the acid.
• Bacteria & Viruses — many wells, ponds and other untreated water sources may contain unwanted or harmful organisms. Ultraviolet systems (UV) address these concerns without having to add chemicals like chlorine to water or changing its chemical composition.

The Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter Include:

• Chlorine-free water from every faucet in your entire home
• Elimination of rotten egg (caused by sulfur gas), iron, and chlorine odors in your water
• Cleaner, more delicious water for drinking and cooking
• Elimination of harmful chlorine vapor that is produced from a hot shower
• Cleaner, brighter clothing due to reduced wearing effects of iron and other contaminants in the wash
• Removal of certain harmful bacteria and microorganisms
• Clean water for your entire home

Some of our filtration systems are also designed to soften your water, removing hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium as well as addressing the contaminants listed above all in one system. Getting the right solution for your home begins with finding out what exactly is in your water. The first step is to have your water tested to determine which contaminants are present and to what degree. Schedule your free in-home water analysis by filling out the form below!

Clearion Water Technologies

You can enjoy the benefits of filtered water throughout your entire home with a Clearion water system. We are a proud dealer of Clearion's water systems and solutions and offer a variety of their incredible products. All their systems and devices are built in the USA, and their advanced technology and tremendous quality are backed by their robust, in-house research and development team.

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