Common Problems

Hydrogen Sulfide/Rotten Egg Odor

This is typical for well water and mostly a nuisance. Also known as sulfur gas, hydrogen sulfide is very hard to deal with because you don't feel any cleaner after showering.

Hard Water

White/gray buildup occurs anywhere water dries – around faucets, fixtures, shower heads, and tile. The unsightly buildup becomes a continual cleaning issue. This is also very damaging to appliances. Water heaters and dish washers don't work as efficiently and their lifespan is shortened.

Iron Stains

Yellow, reddish brown stains appear in your toilets (because of sitting water), showers, and sinks. Iron is very bad for laundry, too. Whites washed in the water will yellow over time, making it hard to keep everything clean. Additionally, accumulation inside of pipes reduces diameter size, causing slower water flow.

Acidic Water

Blue-green stains show up wherever water is present, such as sides of commodes, bottoms of sink drains, and inside copper pipes. This causes pinhole leaks.

Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes

A pinhole leak occurs at the spot where a pipe is very thin. It sprays out in a mist either into drywall or on the ground of an unfinished basement. Since correction and prevention is key, we adjust pH levels to remedy the situation.


Little specks or grit clog faucet heads and restrict flow through fixtures. When drawing a bath, you can sometimes see small amounts of sediment in the form of tiny grey or black specks. In addition, they clog screens on washing machines, lengthening cycle times.