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Water filters and softeners


Clearion 300 Series Water Softener

Softeners remove hardness minerals from water through ion exchange. These minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, create the following problems for homeowners:

• White/Gray Buildup on Fixtures, Tile, and Glass Shower Doors
• Mineral Accumulation inside Water Heaters and Dishwashers Makes Them Less Efficient
• Dry Skin and Flat, Lifeless Hair
• Increase in Soap and Detergent Consumption




 CSI HydroxR25

Removes iron, sulfur, manganese and corrects pH

HWN Acid Neutralizer - Water Softeners

 Acid Neutralizer

When the pH of well water is below 7.0, it is acidic and corrosive to copper pipes, brass fittings, and fixtures. The solution is an acid neutralizer. This process neutralizes pH by running water through a tank filled with calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. It usually requires annual replenishment as the media is absorbed with water usage.
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System - Water Softeners

 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

As an alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis is a healthy, convenient option and eliminates 95% of total dissolved solids from water. It's effective in removing chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, nitrates, and bad tastes and odors. Enjoy better tasting, healthier tea and coffee with a reverse osmosis drinking water system.
Filters - Water Softeners

Cartridge Filters

Sediment filters are used to filter fine sediment and reduce iron from well water. They are changed as needed, depending on the amount of sediment or iron and number of gallons used. Generally, when there is a change in pressure or decrease in flow, it is time to change the filter.

Carbon filters are used to remove chlorine from city water. Chlorine disinfects water making it safe to drink. Once the water arrives at your home or office, the chlorine is no longer needed. Eliminating chlorine makes water taste better. Also, trihalomethanes, a byproduct of using chlorine, are believed to cause cancer. These filters remove trihalomethanes, so water is safer to shower in and drink.

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